Honour - Finisterre 1747

Date - 03-May
Type - Fleet or Squadron Actions
Conflict - War of Austrian Succession; 1739-48

Description The battle took place about 70 miles north-west of Cape Finisterre, the most north westward cape in Spain.

A British squadron of 12 ships-of-the-line under Rear-Admiral Anson, were cruising in search of French convoys.

A large group of about 38 French ships were sighted about 0930 hrs. They comprised two convoys, one bound for India and the other for Canada. The outnumbered convoy escort formed into a line of battle at noon as the rest made best speed away.

At 1500hrs Anson ordered a 'general chase' and by 1900hrs all the escort had struck their colours. Three British ships detached to pursue the convoy and about six were captured, together with two small convoy escorts. The rest escaped into the gathering night.


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