Honour - Ushant 1747

Date -  14-October
Type -  Fleet or Squadron Actions
Conflict - War of the Austrian Succession; 1739-48


After eight weeks of patrolling between Ushant and Finisterre the western squadron under Rear-Admiral Sir Edward Hawke intercepted an anticipated French convoy outward bound for the West Indies.

The French 242-ship convoy was escorted by a French squadron but it was outnumbered by the British. However, although the French numbered nine against the British fifteen, each ship was individually more powerful.

The British initially formed line-of-battle, but instructions were soon changed to general chase. During the following nine hour battle the entire convoy escaped. But the cost to the French escort was high.

Only the French flagship Tonnant (80) and Intrepid (74) limped into Brest, with both being badly damaged. The rest were captured.

HMS Weazle was despatched to the West Indies to warn of the approaching convoy and later 38 convoy ships were captured. 


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