Honour - Gibraltar 1704

Date - 24 July
Type - Combined Operations
Conflict - War of the Spanish Succession; 1702-13 

Description Gibraltar, which commands the Western entrance to the Mediterranean Sea, was held by the Spanish. The British decided to take the town while the bulk of Admiral Sir George Rooks Fleet guarded the main French Fleet at Toulon.

A squadron under the command of George Byng landed a force of marines and troops under the command of the Prince of Hesse-Darmstadt. The troops were landed at the neck of the peninsula, which isolated the town from the mainland. Although the mole was defended by about 100 guns, the mole was swept by fire from the ships, and then stormed by sailors.

Bombardment of the town continued and the Spanish garrison surrendered on the 25th.

From that time the anchorage, repair facilities and store depots were of great strategic importance, especially during the first and second world war.

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