Honour - Vigo 1702

Date - 12-October
Type - Fleet or Squadron Actions
Conflict - War of the Spanish Succession; 1702-13

Description Returning from an unsuccessful raid on Cadiz, an Anglo-Dutch force of 25 ships, under Admiral Sir George Rooke, attacked a Spanish treasure fleet escorted by a French squadron of 13 ships-of-the-line, at Vigo in Spain. The treasure ships lay behind a harbour boom and fortified shore batteries protected the approaches to the harbour.

Vice-Admiral Hopsonn in Torbay broke through the boom, which allowed his squadron to enter the harbour. Meanwhile, Dutch Admiral Van der Goes landed troops to silence and secure the shore batteries.

During the battle the French Admiral Chateaurenault ordered his ships be burned rather than be taken as prizes.

Ten French ships-of-the-line were captured or destroyed and about 11 treasure ships taken as prizes. (Accounts vary as to the exact number).

No allied ships were lost and casualties said to be light.


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