Honour - Marbella 1705

Date - 10 March
Type - Fleet or Squadron Actions
Conflict - War of the Spanish Succession 1702-13

Description The action took place when a French force tried to land troops to recapture Gibraltar.

A French squadron of ships-of-the-line under Commodore Baron de Points arrived in Gibraltar bay. But a rising gale forced them towards Marbella.

A British squadron under Vice-Admiral Sir John Leake, comprising five ships-of-the-line plus a number of smaller vessels lay off Cabrita Point, 9 miles south-west of Marbella. At dawn on 10-March the British surprised the French and attacked. The British captured the Ardent (66 guns), Arrogant (66 guns) and Marquis (66 guns). The French Magnanime (74 guns) and Lys (66 guns) were driven ashore and burned by their crews to avoid capture.

HM Ships
Antelope  Assurance  Bedford Canterbury  Centurion 
Expedition Gloucester  Greenwich  Hampton Court  Larke 
Leopard  Monck  Monmouth  Newcastle  Nottingham 
Panther  Pembroke  Revenge Swallow  Swiftsure 
Tiger  Warspite  Yarmouth     
*List incomplete
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