Honour - SIRTE 1942

Date - 22-March
Conflict - World War 2; 1939-45
Type - Fleet or Squadron Actions

Description An important convoy of four merchant ships destined for Malta had sailed from Alexandria.

They were defended by a cruiser and destroyer force under Rear-Admiral Vian, An Italian battle-fleet comprising the battleship Littorio (9 x 15" and 12 x 6" guns) plus cruisers and destroyers met the British force.

The four freighters plus a small close escort were ordered away and covered by the remainder of the British squadron. A smoke screen was laid, through which a series of torpedo attacks were made on the Italian ships. After three hours the Italians withdrew. The destroyers Havock, Kingston and Lively all received hits by 15" shells but survived.

Later : Two of the freighters were sunk by air attack and the other two having reached Malta were bombed and sunk at their moorings.


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