Honour - ADRIATIC 1944

Date - 1944
Type - Area Awards
Conflict - World War 2; 1939-45

Description The area covered by the award is defined as all waters of the Adriatic Sea, North of 40șN.

It was awarded to all ships and submarines which engaged the enemy in the defined area during 1944.

HM Ships
Aldenham  Aphis  Atherstone  Avon Vale  Belvoir 
Bicester  Blackmore  Brocklesby  Cleveland  Colombo 
Delhi  Eggesford  Grenville  Janus  Jervis 
Kimberley  Lamerton  Lauderdale  Ledbury  Loyal 
Quantock  Scarab  Teazer  Tenacious  Termagant 
Terpsichore  Tetcott  Troubridge  Tumult  Tuscan 
Tyrian  Ulster  Undine  Urchin  Whaddon 
Wheatland  Wilton  Zetland     
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