HMS Colossus (1944) CVL  (6th)

This the sixth HMS Colossus was the name ship of the first of two classes of Light Fleet Carriers. She was laid down in Jun-1942, launched Sep-1943, and completed 16-Dec-1944. 

Although sent to join the British Pacific Fleet in 1945, she was not committed to action.

But in company with the other carriers HMS Indomitable, Vengeance, and Venerable, HMS Colossus assisted with the re-occupation of Hong Kong and nearby Chinese ports after the Japanese surrendered at Hong Kong in 16-Sept-1945.

The following months were spent ferrying medical teams and food around to where they were needed to alleviate the suffering of those released from Japanese occupation.

She returned to the UK in Jul-1946. 

Two weeks after her return she was loaned to the French Navy as the Arromanches. As such she spent two tours of duty in the South China Seas. The first in 1949, then from 1953-54. 

She was bought by the French Navy in 1951 and renamed Arromanches.

Her first action was at Suez in Nov-1965, when in company with Eagle, Albion, Bulwark and the French Lafayette, she supported the landings to keep the Suez Canal open.

A refit followed in 1957 when she became was altered to an angled deck configuration.

Another refit came in 1958 when she became a Helicopter Carrier (Porte Helicopteres) and operated 24 ASW helicopters.. 

She went into Reserve 1972 and was paid off in 1974.

Broken up at Toulon 1978.


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