HMS Victorious (1941) CV  (4th)


This the fourth HMS Victorious was the third ship in the Illustrious Class of armoured Fleet Carriers. 

Built by Vickers Armstrong (Walker), laid down 04-May-1937, launched 14-Sep-1939, and commissioned 15-May-1941.

She had a distinguished career throughout the Second World War with operations ranging from the Atlantic and Arctic Oceans to the Far East. In 1941, just one week after she had been commissioned, she was taking part in convoys to Malta and it was Swordfish from her flight deck which dealt the blows that crippled the Bismarck. 

She then went on to spend the winter of 1941-42 covering the Northern Russian convoys. In June 1944 she was re-deployed to join the Eastern Fleet supporting American landings at Padang, Okinawa and Saishimo Gunto. She survived concerted kamikaze attacks thanks to her armoured flight deck. 

After WW2 and the introduction of faster and heavier jet aircraft she needed major modifications to cope.  So she was taken in hand 10-Oct-1950 for a major reconstruction which lasted until Jan-1958.

Re-launched in 1958 after a nearly complete rebuild she continued her career in the Atlantic, Mediterranean and Far East.

A further refit took place from 1962-63.

Following a minor mess deck fire she was paid off on the 13th March 1968. 

Broken up in Faslane in July 1969.

Won the Battle Honours: 'Bismarck' 1941, Arctic 1941-42, Norway 1941-44, Biscay 1942, Malta Convoys 1942, North Africa 1942, Sabang 1944, East Indies 1944-45, Palembang 1945, Okinawa 1945 and Japan 1945.

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