HMS Venerable (1945) CVL  (4th)

This the fourth HMS Venerable was the third of the Colossus Class (1944) Light Fleet carriers to be completed.

Following her completion in Jan-1945 she was sent to the British Pacific Fleet, but not committed to action.

In company with the other carriers HMS Indomitable, Colossus, and Vengeance, Venerable assisted with the re-occupation of Hong Kong and nearby Chinese ports after the Japanese surrendered at Hong Kong in 16-Sept-1945.

The following months were spent ferrying medical teams and food around to where they were needed to alleviate the suffering of those released from Japanese occupation.

On 01-Apr-1948 she was sold to the Royal Netherlands Navy and  commissioned as RNN Karel Doorman

Laid up in 1968 following a major engine fire. Sold to Armada Republica Argentina 1968 as 25 de Mayo, the damaged boilers were replaced by boilers from HMS Leviathan, the Majestic Class (1948) carrier whose construction had been suspended in May-1946. 

She became an enemy ship to the Royal Navy during the Falklands War of 1982. 

Still in service on her 50th birthday.


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