HMS Albion (1954) CVL  (8th)

This HMS Albion was the second of four Light Fleet Carriers of the Hermes Class (1953) to be completed. She was the 8th ship to carry the name.

She was launched 06-May-1947 and almost immediately laid up. She was completed 26-May-1954.

Initial deployment was as usual for all carriers of her era, a series of work up's trials, exercises and courtesy visits.

Her first action was at Suez in Nov-1965, when in company with Eagle, Bulwark and the French Arromanches (ex-Colossus), and Lafayette, she supported the landings to keep the Suez Canal open.

A final deployment as a fixed wing carrier was in 1960 to the Far East. When she had so many aircraft embarked there was only inches between aircraft for the ground handlers to work with. The pressure on them was so great that when it was announced that a Sea Hawk had been lost and the pilot successfully picked up, a great cheer went up. Partly because the pilot was OK, but mainly because one less aircraft meant that much more room was available to ease the handling problems.

Shortly after her return in Dec-1960, her conversion to a Commando Carrier began in 1961. Which meant she was to transport a Royal Marine Commando (or other embarked military force), land and support them by helicopter in their operations. 

Scrapped in 1973.


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