Honour - Louisburg 1758

Date -  08-June/26-July
Type - Combined Operations 
Conflict -Seven Years War; 1775-83 

Description Louisburg was a French Naval Base, situated near the mouth of the St. Lawrence river, in Canada.

An amphibious operation was planned to capture Quebec from the French and a large fleet of about 150 transports was assembled at Spithead to transport about 13,000 men to Louisburg. Which was to be captured before the force went on to assault and capture Quebec.

The transport fleet sailed from Spithead to Halifax, where it joined it's naval escort of 23 ships-of-the-line and 18 frigates.

On 02 June a strong force was landed on the south-east coast of Cape Breton Island. With the naval force, both landing and maintaining all forces ashore. In addition they also conducted ship-to-shore bombardments.

By the end of July the French were considering surrender, and had only two ships, Prudent (74) and Bienfaisant (64), capable of conducting operations  A British force of boats with muffled oars set off i fog and both French ships were boarded. Prudent ran aground and was set on fire. Bienfaisant was taken and towed away under bombardment from the French shore batteries.

The French lost four ships-of-the-line burned, one captured, four sunk in the harbour as blockships and a frigate captured.

Both Louisburg and the whole of Cape Breton Island surrendered.


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