Honour - BURMA 1944-45

Date - Oct-1944 / Aug-1945
Type - Campaign Awards
Conflict - World War 2; 1939-45

Description After the failure of the final Japanese thrust to enter India had failed with the epic battle at Imphal and Kohima. The British moved forward, but the country was as difficult for them as it had been for the Japanese.

So an assault was made on the Arakan with key objectives being the islands of Akyab and Ramree. Whose capture would give advanced airbases in South Burma and support the thrust on Rangoon.

The ongoing campaign also required the support of large air and naval forces. Within 3 months the Japanese forces in Burma had been destroyed and the Allied advance continued until the war ended suddenly with the dropping of the atomic bombs on Japan.

The Royal Navy forces used were built up steadily as they were released from the European Theatre and transferred to the Far East against the forces of Japan.


HM Ships
Ameer  Barracuda  Cauvery  Eskimo  Flamingo 
Haitan  Jumna  Kathiawar  Kedah  Kenya 
Kistna  Konkan  Napier  Narbada  Nepal 
Newcastle  Nguva  Nigeria  Norman  Nubian 
Paladin  Pathfinder  Phoebe  Queen Elizabeth  Raider 
Rapid  Redpole  Rocket  Roebuck  Shoreham 
Spey  Teviot  White Bear     
Agra  Bann  Bengal  Bihar  Bombay 
Ceylon  Chameleon  Cumberland  Cyclone  Deveron 
Emperor  Empress  Glenroy  Godavari  Halladale 
Hunter  Jed  Khedive  Khyber  Kumaon 
Lahore  Largs  Lulworth  Nith  Orissa 
Pamela  Patna  Penn  Persimmon  Pickle 
Pincher  Plucky  Poona  Prins Albert  Punjab 
Racehorse  Rajputana  Recruit  Redoubt  Rifleman 
Rohilkhand  Rotherham  Royalist  Sandray  Saumarez 
Scaravay  Shah  Shiel  Silvio  Stalker 
Suffolk  Sussex  Sutlej  Taff  Tartar 
Test  Trent  Una  Venus  Verulam 
Vestal  Vigilant  Virago  Virginia  Waveney 
FAA Squadrons
800 804 807 808 809
845 851 896 1700  
Merchant Ships
Barpeta Llanstephen Castle      
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