HMS Shoreham (1931) SL  (3rd)

This the third ship to carry the name HMS Shoreham was the name ship of a class of four escort sloops.

Built at Chatham Dockyard, laid down 19-Dec-1929, launched 22-Nov-1930 and completed 02-Nov-1931.

On completion went to serve in the Gulf, where she stayed until Jan-1939, with regular refits at Colombo and Bombay.

Then refitted at Malta from Jan/Apr-1939. After this she went back to the Gulf until Apr-1940 when it was on the Red Sea, where she helped in the sinking of the Italian vessel Evangelista Torricelli on 23-Jun-1940 and the interception of the German Evros on 03-Sep-1940. Regular refits at Bombay continued from time to time.

After a short spell back in the Gulf she went to Suez as Anti-Aircraft guardship until Jan-1942. When she went to Colombo and joined the Eastern Fleet.

After yet another refit at Bombay from Oct-1942 to Feb-1943 service at Suez and the Levant Command  followed until Sep-1943. Then it was back to the Eastern Fleet at Bombay, operating mainly on the western coast of India until Aug-1944.

Service off East Africa took from Aug-1944 to Oct-1945, when it was back to Bombay for a months refit. A final tour of duty in the Gulf followed from Dec-1945 to Jul-1946 when she returned to the UK to be paid off.

Sold 04-Nov-1946 for merchant service as the Jorge F El Joven.

Broken up at Zeebrugge Nov-1950.

Won the Battle Honours: East Indies 1940, Sicily 1943, Mediterranean 1943 and Burma 1944-45.


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