Honour - Narvik 1940

Date - 19 & 13/April
Type -  Fleet or Squadron Actions
Conflict - World War 2; 1939-45


Narvik is a seaport in Northern Norway, located down one of the large sea fjords and the setting for two engagements (1st and 2nd Battles of Narvik).

When Germany invaded Norway a force of 10 German destroyers were despatched with transports to capture the town and seafront.

During the 1st Battle, the British 2nd destroyer flotilla - H Class (1936), entered the Fjord leading to Narvik. They located, engaged and sank 2 German destroyers, Wilhelm Heidkamp and Anton Schmidt (each 2,400 tons 5 x 5" guns). Several transports and sundry smaller vessels were also sunk or damaged. During the return journey to the open sea, 5 German destroyers were encountered and during a high speed engagement Hunter and Hardy were badly damaged and beached. The rest of the flotilla escaped.

Three days later the battleship Warspite and escorting destroyers entered the Narvik approaches. Aircraft from Warspite  and the carrier Furious found the remaining 8 German destroyers which were hiding in the various inlets. They were all engaged and sunk or destroyed without loss to the British. In addition U064 was also found and sunk. However the German forces had already landed and captured Narvik.

The German losses were:
Wilhelm Heidkamp; Hermann Kunne; Hans Ludemann; Diether von Roeder; Anton von Schmidt each 2,400 tons and 5 x 5" guns.
Bernd von Arnim; Erich Giese; Erich Koeliner; Georg Thiel; Wolfgang Zenker each 2,230 tons 5 x 5" guns.


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