HMS Triumph (1946) CVL  (10th)

This HMS Triumph the tenth to bear the name, was the last of ten ships of the Colossus Class (1944) Light Fleet Carriers to be completed.

She was built by Hawthorn Leslie, launched 02-Oct-1942 and completed 09-May-1946.

With the post-WW2 cut backs she was initially refitted on completion as a Training and Trials carrier. Being used for twin engine aircraft trials.

In 1949 she went to the Far East and was in Hong Kong when the Korean War broke out 25-Jun-1950. She arrived off Korea on 02-Jul-1950 with 12 each of Seafire 47's and Firefly 1's. Her first strike was launched at 06:30hrs on 03-Jul-1950 with 12 Seafire's and 10 Firefly's. Active service in that conflict lasted until Oct-1950 when she was relieved by her sister ship HMS Theseus. By which time Triumph's airgroup was down to 3 Seafire's and 6 Firefly's.

After her return to the UK she joined the Home Fleet and was also used several times as a troop transport.

She spent some time as a Cadet Training ship, then into Reserve.

Converted to be a Heavy Transport ship in 1965 after which it was out to the Far East.

Went in for refit in 1972, and in 1975 went into Reserve.

Sold for scrapping and departed Chatham 09-Dec-1981 to be broken up in Spain.

Won the Battle Honour: Korea 1950.


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