HMS Ocean (1945) CVL  (5th)

This the fifth Ocean was a Colossus Class light fleet carrier of 13,190 tons built in Glasgow. 

Laid down in November 1942, commissioned Aug-1945, outfitted with the latest radar and aircraft detection aids. 

On 3-Dec-1945 a Sea Vampire landed on board, the first jet aircraft to land on the deck of an aircraft carrier. Earlier, in October 1945, the last Swordfish to make an official flight from a Royal Navy aircraft carrier did so from the deck of HMS Ocean

In 1948 HMS Ocean supported the withdrawal from Palestine, before troop carrying duties between the UK and the Far East. 

From May to October 1952 and May to November 1953 she took part in operations off Korea. After the first period her air group had flown an average of 76 sorties a day. of her activities the Commander of the Commonwealth and Allied Forces wrote:

"Ocean's record is outstanding and is an example of what can be achieved by bold leadership and good teamwork. The spirit, courage and skill of her well led squadrons have resulted in much damage to the enemy and have been backed up by the consistently high standard of the conduct and high tempo of her maintenance and deck operations".

In August 1954 she joined the Home Fleet Training Squadron but saw an active role in the Suez crisis. Whirlwind and Sycamore helicopters from HMS Ocean and HMS Theseus landed 425 men of 45 Commando and 23 tons of stores into Port Said in 90 minutes. 

Went into Extended Reserve in 1958 and was scrapped in 1962 at Faslane.

Won the Battle Honour: Korea 1952-53.

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