HMS Glory (1945) CVL  (5th)

This the fifth ship to carry the name HMS Glory was the fifth of the Colossus Class (1944) of Light Fleet Carriers to be completed, and was commissioned in Apr-1945.

After a brief work up she was sent to the British Pacific Fleet, but not committed to action before the war ended. In Sep-1945 the Japanese Surrender for the South West Pacific was signed aboard her at New Guinea.

She then provided relief and transport facilities to many who suffered under the Japanese occupation. There were also many POW's and internees to be transported home.

After this she stayed n the Pacific until 1947, when she returned to the UK for refit from 1947-49.

After refit it was out to the Mediterranean, and on to a first of three tours of duty during the Korean War. The first began in Apr-1951 when she relieved her sister ship HMS Theseus. The second in 1952, and the third from Oct-1952 to 08-Nov-1953. During this time she also supported operations in Malaya during communist confrontation there.

A period of ferry duties to the Far East followed.

In 1955 she was a snow relief base in Scotland during a particularly bad winter.

1956 saw action at Suez. Then in 1957 it was into extended reserve. Followed by being out up for disposal in 1958.

Scrapped in 1962.

Won the Battle Honour: Korea 1951-53.


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