Honour - JAPAN 1945

Date - 16-July/11-August
Type - Area Awards
Conflict - World War 2; 1939-45

Description The area covered by the award is defined as the Mainland of Japan.

The honour was awarded to Fleet Carriers and their aircraft which took part in the final attacks on Japanese warships and shore positions, together with those ships which carried out bombardments of the Japanese mainland.

(The scale of the Royal Navy's commitment to operations against Japan after the war in Europe ended was huge and rapidly growing. On VJ day when the war ended, of the 59 ships of Royal Navy's carrier force, 34 were operational in the Far East. However only four fleet carriers were awarded this honour.)


HM Ships
Formidable  Gambia  Implacable Indefatigable  King George V 
Newfoundland  Quality  Quiberon Tenacious  Termagant 
Terpsichore  Ulysses  Undine Urania  Victorious 
FAA Squadrons
801 820 848 880 887
894 1771 1772 1834 1836
1841 1842      
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