Implacable Class (1944) CV

The two ships of the Implacable Class (1944) were laid down as the last two of six Illustrious Class (1940) carriers. 

Their completion was delayed because a directive in 1940 required that all shipyards concentrate on the construction of convoy escorts. 

So, when the two carriers were completed so many changes had been incorporated, they became known as a separate class.

On completion they were too late to have much influence on WW2 but they still made it into action. But their armoured deck made them very valuable during the final actions in the Pacific when they were subjected to Japanese kamikaze attacks. Which they were able to endure without receiving anything like damage that unarmoured carriers received.

During the late 1940's Jet aircraft were introduced into carrier service and aircraft weight and landing speeds steadily increased. The two Implacable's could not cope with this without major rebuilds which were not done. 

So, becoming quickly obsolete they were retired by the mid 1950's


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