HMS Albion (1763)  (1st)
3rd Rate 74-gun

The first HMS Albion to serve with the Royal Navy was the name ship of the Albion Class of 3rd Rate, 74 gun, two deck, ships-of-the-line.

She was built at Deptford Dockyard to a design adapted from the 90 gun ship HMS Neptune of 1719. 

She measured 168ft in length overall, 139ft 1in long on the deck, 47ft 3in broad, and 18ft 10in depth. With a burthen tonnage of 1,651 & 75/94.

She saw action during the American War of Independence. Taking part in four Fleet actions, all against the French.

The first in July-1779 at the Battle of Grenada. The second time in April-1780 off Dominica. Then one month later on 15-May-1780 off Martinique, when Albion leading the van was the most heavily engaged and took the heaviest casualties. Finally on the 19-May-1780 when again Albion was in the forefront and took the heaviest casualties. All four actions were indecisive.

In 1794 Albion was reduced to a floating battery of 60 guns, being moored at the Nore in the Thames estuary.

In Apr-1797 while manoeuvring to a new position in the Swin Channel she ran aground. Two days later while salvage work was continuing she broke her back and was wrecked. 


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