HMS Albion (1842)  (6th)
2nd Rate 90-gun

This the sixth HMS Albion was a 2nd rate line-of-battle ship. The name ship of a class of three 90-gun two deckers.

She was ordered in 1839 built at Plymouth Dockyard and launched Sep-1842.

She was 204ft in length overall, and 161ft 11" long on the deck, 60ft beam and 23" 8in in depth in the hold. Of 3,083 tons builders measurement, with a crew of 830.

Took part in the Royal Fleet Review 1845.

Her first action was in the Crimean War at the first bombardment of Sevastopol, 17-Oct-1854. (The smaller steam-powered ships towed the larger sailing ships into action). Albion was set on fire three times during the action, and if it had not been for the work of tugs she would probably have gone aground.

In 1861 she was converted to steam screw propulsion but never completed for sea. 

Went into Reserve at Devonport, and was broken up in 1884.

Won the Battle Honour: Crimea 1854-55.


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