HMS Albion (1802)  (3rd)
3rd Rate 74-gun

This HMS Albion was a 3rd Rate 74-gun line-of-battle ship. 

She was built at Parry's Yard, Blackwell on the Thames and launched Jun-1802. Of 1,729 tons she carried a crew of 590.

In May-1803 she joined the fleet blockading the French naval port of Brest for a short time. She then went out to the Indian Ocean for several years.

In 1814 after a long period of repairs at Portsmouth she took part in the War of 1812 against America. Operating as part of the force off Chesapeake Bay and up the Potomac and Patuxent Rivers. These ended when peace came in 1815.

In 1816 she took part in the bombardment of Algiers, and in 1827 was at the Battle of Navarino. Battle honours were awarded for both these actions.

She was reduced to a hulk in 1831 and made into a lazaretto, (a quarantine ship).

Broken up in 1836.

Won the Battle Honour: Algiers 1816 and Navarino 1827.


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