Honour - Quebec 1759

Date - July/13-September
Type - Combined Operations
Conflict - Seven years War; 1756-63

Description The war began when French settlers in Canada began fortifying a number of outposts to stop the advance of English settlers.

Quebec, which is situated 300 miles up the St. Lawrence river was key to the conquest of upper Canada.

An attack to capture the city was launched in 1759, when a British fleet carried an army up the river. The ships followed a course navigated by Master (later Captain) James Cook.

The fleet anchored on 26-June and dominated the river. The army of 17,000 landed below the Plains of Abraham.

While the French outnumbered the British their morale was low and resistance moderate.

All British attacks failed until the British succeeded in climbing the cliffs and hoisting guns to the heights. The French offered surrender, which was signed on


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