HMS Trafalgar (1945) DD  (4th) 

This the fourth ship to carry the name HMS Trafalgar was a Battle Class (1944), destroyer leader. As destroyer leader she had slightly reduced armament to allow the increased complement and working space needed to control a flotilla.

Built by Swan Hunter, laid down 15-Feb-1943, launched 12-Jan-1944, and commissioned 23-Jul-1945.

Went to the Far East 1946 and returned to the UK the following year to be put into reserve.

Appeared at the Coronation Review 1953.

Reactivated 1958 for service with the Home and Mediterranean Fleets. 

Decommissioned 1962 and went into reserve at Devonport.

Sold 08-Jun-1870 and broken up at Dalmuir.


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