Battle Class (1944) DD

Design for this Class of destroyers began in 1942, when the need for improved anti-aircraft defences had been rammed home with destroyer wartime losses to aircraft. Also in March 1942 the Admiralty had decided that the standard 4.7in calibre destroyer main guns were to be replaced with a new 4.5in gun. This had a 5lb heavier projectile, with better ballistic properties.

It was also obvious that the main gun had to have dual-purpose (high angle and low angle) capable. Both the US and Japanese Navies had DP guns in service for many years. Another change was to have all main guns mounted forward in twin turrets. As "experience has shown that we rarely need to fire aft".

The main fire control system was electrically powered and capable of blind fire with radar direction.

Lastly the machinery broke new ground as for the first time since HMS Acheron boiler pressure were increased to 400psi at 700 for greater efficiency.

Orders for the first 12 units were placed on 27-Apr-1942 and another 4 followed in August.

Delivery problems with guns and director equipment meant only 4 were completed before WW2 ended. Only one, Barfleur, saw action when she joined the British Pacific Fleet in Mid-1945 and took part in the last carrier operations against the Japanese mainland.


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