HMS Queen (1693)  (1st)
1st Rate 100-gun 

This the first ship to be named HMS Queen was launched as HMS Royal Charles. A first rate, three deck, 100/90-gun, ship-of-the-line. 

Built at Portsmouth Dockyard, launched 1673, and of 1,443 tons builders measurement (bm). Her establishment of 100-guns was only carried in time of war in home waters. In war overseas or in peace she carried 90-guns.

She was rebuilt at Woolwich 1693, and renamed HMS Queen.  With her tonnage increased to 1,658 tons, 170ft 6in long on the deck, 137ft 8in long at the keel, 47ft 7in, and 18ft depth in the hold.

On 09-Sep-1715 came another rename to HMS Royal George, followed by a rebuild at Woolwich when her tonnage again increased. This time to 1,810 tons bm, when she measured 172ft long and 49ft 6in wide.

Yet another name change followed on 19-Jan-1756, this time to HMS Royal Anne.  


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