HMS Ocean (1866) BB  (3rd)

This the third HMS Ocean was originally ordered to be built as a second rate, 92-gun wooden screw ship, but was completed as an Ironclad battleship. 

She was laid down in 1860, launched 19-Mar-1863 and completed in Jul-1866 as an ironclad of 24 guns.

She was 273ft long, 57ft wide, and of 4,047 tons builders measurement, 6,832 tons displacement. 

She was unique in spending her entire short career overseas. 
She served initially in the Mediterranean before going out to the China Station in 1867 as Flagship to the Commander in Chief of the China Station staying their until 1872. 

She holds the record for the longest day's run by any British ironclad under sail of 243 miles, while en-route to the Far East.

After an active life of only 6 years she returned to Plymouth to pay off in 1872.

Sold 11-May-1882.


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