Canopus Class (1899) BB

The Canopus Class (1899) was a class of six pre-dreadnought battleships.

They carried the same armament as the Majestic Class, but in other ways were similar to HMS Renown of 1895.

They were the first battleships to be fitted with Krupp steel armour. This was about 50% stronger than Harvey steel, and three times stronger than iron armour. Meaning that the armour could achieve the same strength while thinner and therefore lighter. So with similar dimensions to the Majestic Class they were 2,000 tons lighter.

They were also the first battleships to be fitted with water tube boilers. These were smaller, lighter and more efficient than the previous 'locomotive' boilers. Resulting in their being able to make 18kts without using forced draught air supply.

All of the class were extensively refitted in the period 1904-1912, when engines and boilers were improved, also, a gunnery fire control system, and radio communications were fitted. 

As a class they saw much action in the first part of WW1 and made up a significant part of the battleship force during the Dardanelles campaign. 


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