HMS Liverpool (1938) CC (6th)

This the sixth ship to carry the name HMS Liverpool was a Cruiser.

Built by Fairfield, laid down 17-Feb-1936, launched 24-Mar-1937, and commissioned 02-Nov-1938.

On completion tent to the East Indies and the 4th Cruiser Squadron.

Nov-1939 transferred to the China Squadron and the 5th Cruiser Squadron. Where 21-Jan-1940  she intercepted the Japanese liner Asama Maru 35 miles from the coast of Japan and removed 21 German officers and men, survivors from the German SS Columbus who were on their way back to Germany.

Transferred to the 7th Cruiser Squadron in the Mediterranean Fleet based at Alexandria. On 12-June-1940, while in company with HMS Gloucester engaged small craft off Tobruk, sinking one Italian craft. 

Later, on the 28-June, the 7th Cruiser Squadron comprising Orion, Neptune, Sydney, Gloucester and Liverpool, sighted three Italian destroyers, south west of Cape Matapan, Greece. During the ensuing long range action and Italian destroyer Espero was sunk.

On 14-Oct-1940, Liverpool was torpedoed by enemy aircraft in an action south-east of Crete and seriously damaged. Towed to Alexandria for temporary repair which took until Apr-1941, and permanent repairs at San Francisco took until Jan-1942.

Mar-1942 joined the 18th Cruiser Squadron at Scapa Flow for Arctic convoy escort.

05-Jun-1942 went to the Mediterranean for Operation Harpoon a Malta convoy. During which on 14-Jun-1942 she was again torpedoed by aircraft and had to be towed to Gibraltar. Temporary repairs were carried out before she went to Rosyth for a permanent repair. Although repairs were completed by Jul-1943 she did not return to service until May-1944. When she was reduced to care and maintenance and saw no more war service.

Re-commissioned Oct-1945 to join the 15th Cruiser Squadron in the Mediterranean, and remained there until Apr-1952 when she was paid off into Reserve at Portsmouth in May 1952. 

Sold 1958 for scrapping and arrived at Bo'ness 02-Jul-1958 for breaking up. 

Won the Battle Honours: Calabria 1940, Mediterranean 1940, Arctic 1942, Malta Convoys 1942.


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