Southampton Class (1937) CC

This class of eight cruisers were designed in response to reports that Japan had laid down cruisers carrying 15 x 6.1in guns in a ship displacing only 8,500 tons. Plus the US Navy also reported to be producing similar 6in gun ships.

There were two ships ordered in the 1933 Construction Program, Southampton and Newcastle.

Three repeats were ordered in the 1934 Construction Programme, Birmingham, Glasgow, and Sheffield.

A final three were ordered in the 1935 Construction Programme, Gloucester, Liverpool and Manchester. They were slightly modified in being 6in wider, greater installed power, improved gunnery control and improved protection for secondary gun crews.

They had a reputation for having superb weatherly qualities and considered the most successful cruisers ever built for the Royal Navy. 

They saw arduous service during WW2 in all theatres, three were lost, and the survivors remained in service until well into the 1950's. 


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