HMS Liverpool (1910) CC  (5th)

This the fifth HMS Liverpool was a Light Cruiser.

Built by Vickers Sons & Maxim of Barrow, laid down 17-Feb-1909, launched 30-Oct-1909 and completed Oct-1910.

On completion joined the Home Fleet 1910-14, then on the outbreak of WW1, the Grand Fleet 1914-15. Took part in the Heligoland Bight action 28-Aug-1914, during this she assisted with the rescue of the crew of the German cruiser Mainz.

Two months later she stood by HMS Audacious after Audacious had struck a mine. When the Audacious blew up later flying debris killed a petty officer on the Liverpool.

At the end of Feb-1915 Liverpool was detached from the Grand Fleet to search off the African coast for the armed merchant cruiser Kronprinz Wilhelm. Returned to the UK for boiler repairs at Liverpool Jun-1915.

In Nov-1915 joined the Adriatic Fleet where she remained until the end of the war.

To the Black Sea 1918-19 after which she returned to the UK and went into reserve 1919

Listed for disposal 1920.

Sold 8-Nov-1921 and broken up in Germany.

Won the Battle Honour: Heligoland 1914.


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