HMS Liverpool (1860)  (4th)
4th Rate 39-gun

The fourth Liverpool was a fourth rate screw frigate of 2,656 tons builders measurement, 235ft long and 47ft wide and with 600hp engines. 

Built at Devonport Dockyard and launched 30-Oct-1860. 

Armed with;
1 x 110pdr gun;
8 x 8in guns;
4 x 70pdr guns;
18 x 32pdr guns;
8 x 40pdr guns. 

She served in initially in North America and the West Indies Station, and later returned to the Channel Squadron. She was placed in the Steam Reserve at Devonport in August-1867.

She was recommissioned on 8-May-1869 as flagship of a detached squadron, “having its object the display of the British Flag … in the distant parts of the world.” This Squadron, known as the “Flying Squadron”, sailed from Plymouth on 18 June 1869 and circumnavigated the globe before returning home in November-1870 having sailed over 53,000 miles. 

Liverpool was paid off into reserve in December 1870, declared obsolete in 1872 and sold for breaking 26-jun-1875.


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