I Class (1937) DD

These 1935 construction programme ships were repeats of the previous years H Class, with some detail changes.

Quintuple torpedo tubes were adopted, but the additional top-weight gave reduced stability and water ballast was used from time to time.

All were capable of conversion to minelaying. The conversion involved landing the A and Y guns, together with all torpedoes, tubes and TSDS. When this was done 60 mines could be carried.

The flotilla was in the Mediterranean when WW2 broke out, and were ordered home immediately.

In early Dec-1939 the 20th Destroyer Flotilla of WW1 fame was revived to perform minelaying duties. Icarus, Impulsive, Ivanhoe and Isis joined this, in company with the two E Class minelaying ships.

Five of the eight were lost during WW2 and the surviving three were sold shortly after war ended.


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