HMS Gloucester (1982) DG  (10th)

The current & 10th ship to carry the name Gloucester is a Type 42 Destroyer, one of four of the third batch to be ordered and stretched in comparison to the first batch.

She was built by Vosper Thorneycroft at Woolston, Southampton, and launched on 2-Nov-1982 and commissioned 1985.

HMS Gloucester sailed from the UK on 30-August-1990 in support of the UN embargo against Iraq. Having already been in the Gulf the ship escorted the first American ships to fire Tomahawk cruise missiles against the Iraqis on the 17-January-1991. On 25-Feb Gloucester was escorting the USS Missouri close to the Kuwaiti coast as she bombarded the shore with her 16 guns.

In the early hours of that morning an Iraqi Seersucker missile was fired against the Missouri. In less than 90 seconds Gloucester had destroyed the Seersucker with 2 Sea Darts, in the first validated, successful engagement of a missile, by a missile, in combat at sea.

Gloucester returned home after 208 days on 25-March-1991. During that time her Lynx helicopter had successfully engaged and neutralised 7 Iraqi naval units with Sea Skua missiles.

The ships motto is "Prorsum" which means Onwards.

Arrived at Portsmouth 25-May-2011 after her final deployment.

Decommissioned 01-Jul-2011.

Won the battle Honour: Kuwait 1991


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