Honour - Kuwait 1991

Date -  17-January / 28-February
Type - Area Awards
Conflict - First Gulf War; 1990-91 


Following the invasion of Kuwait by Iraq on 01-Aug-1990, UN Land, Air and Sea forces were assembled to free Kuwait.

Initially, a naval blockade of Iraq and Kuwait was set up. Following the start of the land war an initial defensive operation called 'Desert Shield' was intended to stop Iraqi forces from further advances into Saudi Arabia and other Gulf States. Once forces built up sufficiently 'Desert Storm' was begun to free Kuwait and destroy Iraqi ability to repeat the invasion.

At sea, naval forces systematically destroyed Iraqi light forces and then at the start of 'Desert Storm' launched aircraft and cruise missiles to destroy Iraqi defences and infrastructure.

In addition, the Gulf had to be cleared of mines and Royal Navy ships played a major part in this. Surface ships played an important role in landing troops and threatening to land major US Marine forces in the rear of Iraqi front line positions.

By 03-March a ceasefire was called by UN forces after the near complete defeat of Iraqi land, air and naval forces. 


HM Ships
Atherstone  Brave  Brazen  Brilliant  Cardiff 
Cattistock  Dulverton  Exeter  Gloucester  Hecla 
Herald  Hurworth  Ledbury  London  Manchester 
RFA Ships
Argus  Bayleaf  Diligence  Fort Grange  Olna 
Resource  Sir Belvedere  Sir Galahad  Sir Percival  Sir Tristram 
FAA Squadrons
815 826 829 845 846
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