Honour - ALGIERS 1816

Date - 27-August Type
Fleet or Squadron Actions
Conflict - 19th Century Anti-Slavery Operations

Description The part of the North Africa coast from the Strait of Gibraltar to Cape Bon was know as the Barbary Coast, and was a centre for piracy.

Barbary pirates had operated to a greater or lesser extent for hundreds of years and reached far outside the Mediterranean. Including England and Ireland where they even landed to capture slaves from south coast villages. Ships crews were also taken as far as the Grand Banks off Newfoundland.

After the Napoleonic war, the British decided to deal with the problem of the Barbary pirates.

A joint Anglo-Dutch operation patrolled the coast and included land forces comprising troop, sappers and miners. A treaty was offered to the Bey's of Tunis, Tripoli and Algiers if they would prohibit the taking of Christians for slaves. This was rejected by the Bey of Algiers who thought his defences too powerful to be taken.

The well defended town and harbour was bombarded to near ruins, 1,200 slaves released and the Bey surrendered his jewel-studded scimitar as a symbol of his complete surrender.


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