HMS Royal Sovereign (1701)  (3rd)
1st Rate 100-gun

This the third Royal Sovereign was a 1st rate, 100/90-gun three decker, ship-of-the-line.

Built at Woolwich Dockyard, launched 25-July-1701, of 1,883 tons builders measurement, 174ft 6in long on the deck, 141ft 7in long on the keel, 50ft 3.5in wide, and 20ft 1in depth in the hold. Some sources say she was a rebuild of the previous Royal Sovereign which was burned in 1696, but this is not realistic so she is listed as a new ship.

.She carried 100-guns and 780 men when at war in home waters, or 90-guns and 580 men when at war overseas or in peace.

She was the Flagship of Sir George Rooke, Commander-in-Chief of the expedition to Cadiz.

From 1723-1729 she was laid up and taken under great repair.

In 1756 re-classed as a 2nd rate 90-gun.

1759  become guard ship in the Downs.

In September 1763, she required great repair again, and it was proposed that she be cut down to an 84 gun ship. But after a survey in dock it was decided that she be broken up, which was done at Portsmouth 1766. 

Won the Battle Honour: Vigo 1702.


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