HMS Vengeance (1774)  (2nd)
3rd Rate 74-gun

The second vessel to carry the name Vengeance was a 3rd Rate, 74-gun, ship-of-the-line.

Built at Rotherhithe, launched 25-Jun-1774 . 

Despite being dismasted she survived the Great Storm of 1780 and later saw distinguished service in the West Indies during the French Revolutionary War. Vengeance was part of the squadron under Vice Admiral Jervis, which captured the Bienvenue in Port Royal Harbour, Martinique on the 22-March-1794. 

In May 1796 she assisted in the capture of St Lucia.

From 1808 she was used as a prison ship before being broken up at Portsmouth in January 1816.

Note: To confuse things three ships bore the name Vengeance at the same time. This one and the following two.

Won the Battle Honour: Martinique 1794 and St. Lucia 1796.


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