HMS Vengeance (1758)  (1st)
6th Rate 28-gun

This the first HMS Vengeance was a 6th Rate, 28-gun frigate, which was captured from the French by HMS Hussar, off the Lizard in February 1758.

The ship fought against her former owners, in the Battle of Quiberon Bay on 20-November-1759.  This was a key battle during the 7 Years War against France. French forces planned to invade Ireland supported by a large fleet commanded by  Admiral the Comte de Conflans. The British fleet, under Admiral Sir Edward Hawke met the French at Quiberon Bay, and in bitter fighting, dreadful weather and treacherous waters defeated them. The threat of French invasion was dispelled.

Remained in service until 1766.

Won the Battle Honour: Quiberon Bay 1759.



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