HMS Vengeance (1999) SSBN  (8th)

The current HMS Vengeance is the eighth vessel and first submarine to carry the name.

The last of the Vanguard Class Fleet Ballistic Missile Submarines to commission, and completes the class.  

Built by Vickers Shipbuilders of Barrow-in-Furness, laid down 01-Feb-1993, launched 19-Sep-1998 and commissioned 27-Nov-1999.

Has two complete crews, the Port and Starboard crew, in order to spend the maximum amount of time at sea.

Basically she leaves port, vanishes and travels to her classified patrol area. On reaching station she relieves the previous patrol boat. Then in due course she is relieved by her successor, on which she returns to port, changes crew and prepares for her next patrol.

Little other fanfare accompanies the duties of a Ballistic Missile Submarine. 

Vengeance maintains close links with the Borough of Bury St Edmunds.

Began a 3 year refit and refuelling programme 01-Mar-2012 expected to cost 600m.

In service Mar-2012.


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