HMS Superb (1976)  (9th)

This the ninth ship to carry the name HMS Superb, is the third of the Swiftsure Class (1974) Fleet submarines. 

Built by Vickers, launched 30-Nov-1974 and commissioned on 13-Nov-1976.

Appeared at the Silver Jubilee Review 1977.

Undertaking many Cold War patrols, Superb has had 14 Commanding Officers, amongst them Admiral Sir Michael Boyce a  retired Chief of Defence Staff. 

On 18 May 1987 Superb surfaced at the North Pole in company with USS Billfish and USS Sea Devil sending the signal ‘On top of the world! The reply from FOSM ‘Steer South’

With the end of the Cold War Superb’s tasking has become no less active. In 2001 she was deployed in support of operations in Afghanistan completing a 7 month deployment ‘East of Suez’ before returning to Faslane for an extended maintenance period. Rejoined the fleet in 2005.

The ship's motto is: ‘With Sword and Courage’.

Paid off 30-Sep-2008.


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