HMS Superb (1760)  (3rd)
3rd Rate 74-gun

This the third HMS Superb was a 3rd Rate, 74-gun ship, built at Deptford Dockyard, launched 27-Oct-1760, of 1,612 tons builders measurement, 168ft long and 47ft wide.

From 1763 –70 she was a flagship based in Portsmouth taking part in several skirmishes against the French. Between 1779 – 1783 Superb was the flagship of Vice Admiral Sir Edward Hughes in the East Indies where she was involved in several actions with the French Admiral Suffren. 

In 1782 she took part in a skirmish of Sadras (near Trincomalee), the action, with Superb in company with Exeter bearing the brunt of the fighting, was indecisive. 

Superb was very much cut up, ‘main yard shot away and not a brace or bowline left and five feet of water in the hold’. The butchers bill from the action was 11 killed including William Stevens her Captain and 13 wounded. 

On 12 April-1782, she was involved in a fierce battle off Cuddalore, Superb suffering 59 killed and 96 wounded. 

A year later on 05-Nov-1783 her career ended  being wrecked off Tellichery, India without loss of life, after a successful deployment of troops to Trincomalee.

(The next Superb was not recorded on the official Navy List. Of French origin, the corvette ‘Superbe’ of 22 guns was captured in the West Indies by HMS Vanguard in Sep-1795. Became a prison ship at Martinique 1796 and sold 1798.)

Won the Battle Honours: Sadras 1782, Providien 1782, Negapatam 1782 and Trincomalee 1782.


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