Honour - Trincomalee 1782

Date - 3 September
Type - Fleet or Squadron Actions
Conflict - American War of Independence; 1775-83

Description This was the fourth of a series of four actions awarded a battle honour in the East Indies between Vice-Admiral Sir Edward Hughes and the French Admiral Pierre Suffren. It took place off Sri Lanka's (Ceylon) North East anchorage of Trincomalee. One of the worlds largest natural harbours.

When Hughes arrived off Trincomalee with 12 ships-of-the-line and six frigates, the French weighed anchor with 14 ships-of-the-line and action took place 25 miles south east of Trincomalee.

During the 3 hour battle not all French ships engaged and the Flagship Heros (74) lost her mainmast; Illustre (74) and Ajax (74) were badly damaged. Later L'orient (74) hit a reef and was wrecked. Despite this the French managed to return to Trincomalee and the British retired north to Madras.


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