HMS Lancaster (1797)  (3rd)
3rd Rate 64-gun

This the third ship to carry the name HMS Lancaster was a third rate, 64-gun, ship-of-the-line.

Originally designed as an East Indiaman named Pigot, bought on the stocks.

Built by Randall of Rotherhithe, launched 29-Jan-1797, 173ft long, 46 ft wide and of 1,430 tons builders measurement. Carrying an establishment of 26 x 24pdr, 26 x 18pdr and 12 x 9pdr guns.

Took part in the battle of Camperdown, the last major action against the Dutch Navy. 

In 1806 while at the Cape of Good Hope, joined the expedition to capture Montevideo. The ship's guns were landed and used to breach the town's walls, which helped the Army to storm and take the town.

Paid off and loaned to the West India Dock Company 11-Mar-1815.

Sold 30-May-1832 for breaking up. 

Won the Battle Honour: Camperdown 1797.


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