Honour - Camperdown 1797

Date - 11-Oct
Type - Fleet or Squadron Action
Conflict - French Revolutionary War; 1793 - 1803

Description The action took place about three miles north-west of Camperdown on the Dutch coast.

During the summer of 1797, the Dutch Fleet had been blockaded into the Texel. In October Admiral Adam Duncan sailed for Yarmouth with the main part of his fleet, and the Dutch sailed out.

Duncan returned, joined the small covering squadron on 11-Oct and engaged the Dutch. The British had 16 ships-of-the-line plus 8 frigates and the Dutch 18 ships-of-the-line plus 7 frigates.

After about 4 hours battle, 10 Dutch ships had struck their colours. Casualties to both sides were heavy and damage to the British ships and their prizes so severe that with darkness getting near, Duncan moved off towards his base. But two prizes sank while under tow and none of the others were ever returned to service.


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