L Class (1940) DD

When the design of the 1937 destroyer programme was under way both Tribal Class and J Class supporters and detractors, so there was no clear way forward for destroyer design to go.

Eventually problems with a new 4.7in and directors resulted in half the class being fitted with the design 6 x 4.7in guns and the remaining four having 4 guns replaced with 4in HA units.

They spent most of their lives in the Mediterranean Theatre. Also Larne was renamed Gurkha before being commissioned.

The 4in gunned ships served initially in Home waters. But by mid-1941 they formed the 13th Destroyer Flotilla in the Mediterranean.

The 4.7in gunned ships went to the Mediterranean as the 19th Destroyer Flotilla.

Only 2 out of the 8 survived the war.


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