HMS Hastings (1930) SL  (7th)

This the seventh ship to carry the name HMS Hastings was a the name ship of a four escort sloops.

Built at Devonport, laid down 29-Jul-1929, launched 10-Apr-1930, and completed 26-Nov-1930.

On commissioning went to the Gulf from Jan-1931 to Jan-1932 when she moved to the Red Sea. Refits took place at Malta in Feb-1932, Aug-1932, MAr-1933 and Sep-1933.

Service in the Red Sea continued until 11-Jun-1934 when she grounded heavily and was not refloated until 06-Sep-1934. Towed initially to Suez for temporary repairs, then to Malta for permanent repair which took from Nov-1934 to Apr-1937. With completion of the repairs she returned to the UK and joined the Fishery Protection Squadron as Senior Officer. Continued with these duties until Aug-1938 when she was re-armed at Devonport.

A final pre-war refit took place at Devonport Jun-sep-1939 when minelaying gear was removed and anti-submarine weapons fitted. .

With the outbreak of war joined the Rosyth Escort Force for convoy escort duty on the East Coast. Served as convoy escort in the Atlantic Jul-1941 then on the Freetown route from Feb-1942.

Paid off at Belfast 19-Nov-1943, and went into Reserve at Hartlepool Feb-1944.

Refitted from May-1944 to Sep-1944 as submarine escort and served at the Holy Loch until Feb-1946 when she paid off again.

Sold and broken up at Troon 10-Apr-1946.

Won the Battle Honours: Atlantic 1940-43 and Biscay 1943.


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