HMS Hardy (1936) DD  (7th)

This the seventh ship to carry the name HMS Hardy was a destroyer leader. Leader of the H Class (1936) DD ships of the 1934 destroyer construction programme.

Built by Cammell Laird, laid down 1935, launched 07-Apr-1936, and commissioned Dec-1936.

In the Mediterranean at the start of WW2. Then went to the Central Atlantic with three of her flotilla to join Force K on Raider interception duties.

Dec-1939 with Hasty, Hostile and Hereward went to the River Plate following interception of Admiral Graf Spee but saw no action.

Early 1940 she brought her flotilla back to home waters.

Apr-1940 took part in the initial stages of the Norway campaign. Then led her flotilla into action  against German destroyers at Narvik 10-Apr-1940. Hardy was badly hit by the Georg Thiele, driven ashore out of control, shot up by other German destroyers and lost.

Won the Battle Honours: Atlantic 1940 and Narvik 1940.


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