H Class (1936) DD

The 1934 destroyer construction programme ships were a repeat of the previous years G Class (1936) DD, but had a better design solution in achieving gun elevation of 40. Detail design changes and increased use of welding reduced comparable displacement by 50 tons.

The experiment with quintuple torpedo tubes of Glowworm was not continued and 2 x 4 tubes were retained.

On completion all commissioned with the 2nd Destroyer Flotilla, Mediterranean Fleet, and were still there in Sep-1939 when WW2 broke out. However they moved immediately to the South Atlantic until early 1940. When they returned to home waters for operations in the Norway Campaign.

Six of the eight ships were lost during WW2, one transferred to the Royal Canadian Navy in 1943, and the sole surviving RN Manned ship transferred to Dominica in 1948.


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